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Haskell Templates by CS SYD

Save hours by starting your project from a template.

What's included
You can take a template off the shelf and get started on a project that already has everything you need:
  • Instructions for how to use the template
  • Best practices for file and function naming
  • An appropriate gitignore file
  • Best practices for compile flags
  • A test suite
  • A README with relevant sections
  • Option parsing: Flags, Environment variables and Configuration files.
  • Flake-based CI
  • A nix build
  • A stack build
  • A cabal build
  • A statically-linked Nix build
  • A weeder check
  • A test coverage report
  • Pre-commit hooks for auto-formatting and linting

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"Do you also find youself spending the first few hours setting up the necessary boiler plate? What if you could skip those and get started implementing your business logic immediately?"

A template implementation of a web server

A template implementation of a terminal user interface

A template implementation of command-line local-first application with a synchronisation server to go along with it.

A template implementation of an API server with an example command-line tool to go along with it

A template implementation of a command-line interface

Template Argument, Option, Environment, Configuration parsing